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An OCaml driver for Mongodb

Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file is an OCaml driver for MongoDB.

It supplies a series of APIs which can be used to communicate with MongoDB, i.e., Insert, Update, Delete and Query / Find.

Here is the API docs.


This driver uses unix and external modules.

Here is the API doc.

How to use it

Mongo and MongoAdmin are the two modules for high level usage.

Mongo is a MongoDB client for general purpose. It can be used to operate normal bson documents on MongoDB.

MongoAdmin is a special MongoDB client for accessing admin level of MongoDB commands, such as list databases, etc. Please refer to MongoDB commands.

The usages of these two modules are similar:

  1. Mongo.create a Mongo with ip, port, db_name, and collection_name (MongoAdmin does not need db_name or collection_name)
  2. Depending on the request type, create the Bson document using
  3. Mongo.insert / Mongo.update / Mongo.delete / Mongo.find / Mongo.get_more / Mongo.kill_cursors
  4. Only Mongo.find and Mongo.get_more will wait for a MongoReply. Others will finish immediately.
  5. Mongo.destory the Mongo to release the resources.

Sample usage

Please refer to test/ for a taste of usage.

ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind -I src test/test_mongo.native

Extend the driver

Comparing to MongoDB's official drivers, this OCaml driver is not that complete.

This driver can be used only for essential operations on MongoDB, particularly with all default options/configurations.

I am slowly extend this driver and experienced OCaml/MongoDB developers are welcomed to join.

The source code

MongoOperation defines all operations allowed by MongoDB.

MongoHeader defines the header that is used in MongoDB messages. It includes encoding / decoding the MongoDB messages. When constructing a MongoRequest, encoding is used; when constructing a MongoReply from the message sent by MongoDB, decoding is used.

MongoRequest create the message bytes (string) for all requests. The output string can be used to MongoSend to send to MongoDB socket. Every function inside has full parameters according to MongoDB wire protocol.

MongoSend takes a unix file_descr and a string and send the string to the file_descr. It uses unix.

MongoReply is the type that contains the reply MongoDB.

Mongo and MongoAdmin are the client-faced interfaces. They are the first places to be extended.


The current version is 0.66.1.